OPF.NET - Object Persistence Framework for .Net  



Application developers spend over 30% of their time implementing relational database access in object-oriented applications. The Object Persistence Framework for .Net provides a solution for simple and complex persistence scenarios.

You're probably looking at this page because one day you had the same questions:

  •  How will I persist my Domain Objects in a application developed using .NET Framework?
  • Can I wait until Microsoft or someone else develops a persistence framework?
  • Is it possible to develop my applications with ObjectSpaces in mind and hope that Microsoft will deliver according to my timeframe?
  • Could/Should I implement a persistence framework?

The question is how to solve your problem in a way that satisfies the expectation that all
of us have in mind. The OPF.NET objectives are:

  • Develop a micro-kernel of a persistence framework that could be used by itself.
  • Support high-levels apis like ObjectSpaces (when it becomes available)






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